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Here are a few of the fine services, websites and retailers that have really impressed me. Some are here in Mendocino, some in the lands beyond and some on the net. If you should stop by their business, either in person or virtually, please let them know I said hello and hope they are well. Enjoy!
Jimmy at Craftsman Copper hand makes the most beautiful Craftsman style copper lamps. He does custom work and is also very adept at refurbishing Craftsman light fixtures for those embarking on renovating a Craftsman home, or utilizing vintage pieces in new construction. Fantastic fixtures, and a really talented and nice fellow.
Melanie Boudar at Sweet Paradise is an exceptional chocolatier. Her Island Style Chocolates bring the feel and flavors of the islands to anyone, pretty much anywhere. If you find yourself on Maui or Oahu, please stop by one of her stores. If you can’t make it right now, bring the bounty of Hawai’i to your door, or send a big box to someone you love. Ono!
This stuff is LUSCIOUS. Gorgeous and delectable organic bamboo fabrics and French lace, these pieces are designed by the talented Manuka Sanyal and are made in California. They will change the way you think about unmentionables forever. Seriously, I can’t even begin. A treat for yourself or someone that you worship. Get some. Get some right now.
Amy Wall runs a fantastic haven for self indulgence in Mendocino. If you are coming to town, make sure you give her a call to give you a pampering treatment you will always remember. Amy pairs up with Jocelyn and Marianella at Mantras (see below) for full service bridal packages if you happen to be getting hitched up here. However, you might want to come just for this, and experience the whales, wine and scenery as a side note.
When you make your appointment with Amy at Mendocino Beauty, make one with Jocelyn DeChenne or Marianella Brey at Mantras. Full service haircare, make-up and facial waxing services. They really enjoy what they do, take it seriously and are very good at it. I love the feeling I have when I sit in their chair: complete trust. You just can’t beat that.
American Bungalow is just so wonderful. For an Arts & Crafts enthusiast like me, each quarterly issue is something to look forward to. If you haven’t yet, subscribe. You will love it.
I could spend all day on this site. If you want to learn about the Arts & Crafts movement, or just find out something new you might not have known before, check this site out. Bookmark it. You will find yourself returning often.
Ryan Leisinger is a tech-geek and all around master of all things internet. Ryan has built many, many websites (like this one and,) streamed live video for the likes of the American Cancer Society and NASA, as well as many political events. Ryan is funny, very smart, great to work with, and he makes the process easy.
The Mendocino Film Festival is a world class annual event in a gorgeous village at the edge of the Pacific. Independent filmmakers come from all over the world to present their films and engage with audiences in intimate Q&A settings. Once you experience it, you will want to come back year after year.
Thanksgiving Coffee is amazing. Fair-trade, organic, delicious. The company is community focused, in their own community and in every community they source coffee from. Joan and Paul are fantastic people too, which just makes the deal even better. or
Mariah is just the sweetest person, and a portrait, pregnancy and wedding photographer extraordinaire. She splits her time between Austin and Maui, so if you should find yourself in either place, connect with Mariah. She will capture you at your loveliest.
Style 1900 is another one of the publications I cannot live without. Style 1900’s focus is on interiors, artists, architecture, and the philosophies surrounding the Arts & Crafts movement in Europe and America. A fantastic publication!